TJS Labs Home Page -- Contains a gallery of the graphic art of the mid-20th century. The site currently manages approximately 11,000 images. The gallery is searchable by various parameters including keyword, product, and company. -- A user-configurable, open-source system for a clinical trial IRT solution. - An expanded format periodic table including isotopes and decay paths. -- Contains all Atlantic hurricane tracks since 1851. Provides graphical and tabular listing of hurricane positions. A track predictor is also available. -- Contains complete statistical information for the Indianapolis 500 along with summary reports. -- Contains results for basketball, hockey, and football. Provides power rankings and score predictions. -- Home page for The Society for the Preservation and Advancement of Baseball Scorekeeping in America. The Society was created in 2017 to preserve and advance interest in the art form that is the Baseball Scorecard. To that end, the Society is actively involved in recreating the scorecards of all world series games and the scorecards of games of general and historical interest.